Government & Commercial Craft Maintenance & Repair

MTI has been performing overhaul work on smaller classes of U.S. Navy and Army vessels for over 40 years. With an outstanding track record as a certified contractor for the military, MTI has expertise in overhauling all types of vessels. Located just south of Charleston Harbor on the Intra-Coastal Waterway with a launch capacity of 1,200 tons, Metal Trades has the location, equipment, and the critical expertise to overhaul, maintain, and repair vessels.

Metal Trades, Inc. (MTI) is a family owned business located just south of Charleston, South Carolina operating with deep water access on the intracoastal waterway. We have been in business since 1962 and have extensive past performance in Heavy Steel Fabrication, Manufacturing, Machining, Vessel Construction and Vessel Maintenance and Repair for both commercial and Government customers.

” J.E. Corbin, Jr. founded Metal Trades, Inc. in 1962 with a pickup truck, a welding machine, and years of metal fabricating experience. Since that time MTI established a solid reputation for its multi-skilled work force and strong commitment to high quality.”


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