Barge Construction

Metal Trades’ experience with barge construction began in 1994 with the building of 28 non-powered causeway barges for the U.S. Navy. Many of MTI’s managers and production supervisors have vast experience in shipbuilding. During the past 16 years, MTI has built nearly 100 barges of several types including:

  • Improved Navy Lighterage System
  • Double Hull Fuel Barges
  • Deck Barges
  • Cranes Barges
  • Spud Barges


MTI has invested in technology and infrastructure for Barge Construction:

  • 550′ long Barge Sub-Assembly Area and Transfer System on Rollers
  • 9,000 square foot Blast & Paint Building for Barge Sub-Assemblies
  • End-Launch System for launching barges up to approximately 280 feet in length or 72 feet in beam
  • Extensive use of CAD tools and Ship Constructor for Production Engineering

Metal Trades, Inc. (MTI) is a family owned business located just south of Charleston, South Carolina operating with deep water access on the intracoastal waterway. We have been in business since 1962 and have extensive past performance in Heavy Steel Fabrication, Manufacturing, Machining, Vessel Construction and Vessel Maintenance and Repair for both commercial and Government customers.

” J.E. Corbin, Jr. founded Metal Trades, Inc. in 1962 with a pickup truck, a welding machine, and years of metal fabricating experience. Since that time MTI established a solid reputation for its multi-skilled work force and strong commitment to high quality.”


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