Ship Repair

For over 40 years, Ship Repair and Overhaul has been a key part of Metal Trades’ business.  We maintain a talented staff of managers, mechanics, and craftsman with specific expertise in ship repair aboard US Navy, Army, and Coast Guard vessels. 

Metal Trades has over 20 years of experience performing overhaul and repair services on U.S. Army LCU 2000 Class Vessels.

Metal Trades Ship Repair

U.S. Navy Barge, Dredge Barge & U.S. Army Vessel in Overhaul

Areas of Expertise:

  • Blasting and Painting
  • Machinery installation, overhaul and repair
  • Hull repair (including underwater)
  • Diesel Engine overhaul and repair
  • Piping installations and repairs
  • Electronics and Electrical installation and repairs


We maintain a Certified MIL-STD-1625c(SH) 1,000 ton marine railway, and we also have access to a 1,500-ton and 250-ton railway.