U.S. Army (LCU 2000 Class)

Metal Trades has been performing overhaul and repair on U.S. Army LCU 2000 Class vessels for over 20 years.  Naturally, our shipyard trades and management team are both experienced and highly skilled to provide the many different types of services on these unique vessels.

LCU 2017 Overhaul at Metal Trades


Typical overhaul and repair services performed by Metal Trades on these vessels includes:


The LCU 2000 moves containers/general/ vehicular cargo.  This includes missions in LOTS operations in remote areas with austere shore facilities or unimproved beaches. The LCU 2000 is also suitable for the intratheater movement of cargo and unit equipment along coastlines or inland waterways.  It is also used for unit deployment and relocation.

Water Blasting LCU 2017 at Metal Trades

Measuring 174 feet long with a 42 foot beam, the LCU 2000 Class has a bow ramp for Roll-on/Roll-off cargo, and a bow thruster to assist in beaching and beach extraction.  Because of its shallow draft, the LCU 2000 can carry cargo from deep draft ships to shore ports or areas too shallow for larger ships.  The LCU-2000 provides worldwide transport of combat vehicles and sustainment cargo, as well as intratheater movement and can execute cargo operations along coastal MSRs.  It is capable of receiving cargo from a ship anchored in the stream and transporting that cargo to shore for discharge over the bow ramp.   Because of its shallow draft, the LCU can carry cargo from deep drafted ships to shore ports or areas too shallow for larger ships.


LCU 2008 Under Way