Norfolk Dredging Company


Starting in July, 2007 Metal Trades, Inc. has built three Double Hull Fuel Barges for Norfolk Dredging Company.  Each 132’ x 30’ x 9’ Barge is designed to carry 2,500 barrels of fuel oil for servicing dredging vessels.  Norfolk Dredging Company had MTI build the barges in order to comply with OPA 90 requirements well before the 2015 deadline.  The Metal Trades Project Manager for all three barges was Scott Collier, who has been employed with MTI for over 23 years.  The Norfolk Dredging Project Manager was Kevin O’Donnell, a Staff Naval Architect and graduate of State University of New York Maritime College.

Double Hull Fuel Barge

Metal Trades and the barge designer, Matherne Marine Design, worked closely with Norfolk Dredging to incorporate several custom features into the barges including:

3rd Barge Built for Norfolk Dredging (Paint Building in Background)

“I’ve been in this business for over 30 years, and I can say that Metal Trades’ builds a fine barge with a high level of quality and workmanship that is among the best I’ve seen in the industry.“

Kevin O’Donnell
Naval Architect
Norfolk Dredging Company

Double Hull Barge Pier

Norfolk Dredging "No. 16" Fuel Barge Pierside


Shaun Flynn, MTI President & Rusty Corbin, Chairman/CEO


“Metal Trades is proud of this accomplishment and extremely pleased to have Norfolk Dredging Company as a key long term customer. This is our first double hull barge designed to meet OPA-90 requirements and we look forward to building many more as we continue to make significant investments in our facility to help meet customer demand.”

Shaun Flynn
President, Metal Trades, Inc.