Customer Profiles

Southern Dredging Company

Southern Dredging Co., Inc. was incorporated in February 1982. Today, it is a successful family operation that includes David Dent, his brother Don, his daughter Kimberly, and son, David, Jr. Over the past several years, Metal Trades (MTI) and Southern Dredging have worked closely together on several capital improvement projects that have helped to forge a great business relationship.

Double Hull Fuel BargeNorfolk Dredging Company

Starting in July, 2007 Metal Trades, Inc. has built three Double Hull Fuel Barges for Norfolk Dredging Company.  Each 132’ x 30’ x 9’ Barge is designed to carry 2,500 barrels of fuel oil for servicing dredging vessels.  Norfolk Dredging Company had MTI build the barges in order to comply with OPA 90 requirements well before the 2015 deadline.

Cottrell Contracting Dredging Fuel BargeCottrell Contracting Corporation

Cottrell Contracting Corporation is a family owned business that has focused primarily on cutter suction dreding since its founding in 1928.  Today, their dredging services span the entire east coast of the United States.


U.S. National Park Service Sandy Hook, NJ

In November, 2009, Metal Trades was subcontracted by Inland Construction and Equipment, Inc. of Panama City, FL to build a 135′ by 35′ Barge Dock.   Inland Construction was the prime contractor by the National Park Service hired to deliver and install the new dock facility to be used for ferry transportation of tourists from Sandy Hook, New Jersey to destinations including the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island.


U.S. Army LCU 2000 Ship Repair

Metal Trades has been performing overhaul and repair on U.S. Army LCU 2000 Class vessels for over XX years.  Naturally, our shipyard trades and management team are both experienced and highly skilled to provide the many different types of services on these unique vessels.


Transformer Tank Construction Steel Fabrication Power IndustryWaukesha Electric Systems

The business relationship between Waukesha Electric Systems and Metal Trades began in 2000.  To date, MTI has built over 600 Transformer Tanks for Waukesha Electric Systems as one of their key OEM component suppliers.  Most of the tanks built by MTI for Waukesha Electric Systems are shipped to their assembly plant in Greensboro, North Carolina.

YON 331 Navy Fuel Barge Double Hull Metal TradesU.S. Navy Fuel Barges

Metal Trades has built and delivered YON 330 and YON 331,  two new 14,000 BBL Double Hull Fuel Barges for the U.S. Navy.  The 200’ x 52’ barges were designed by Bristol Harbor Group of Bristol, Rhode Island, to carry either Diesel or JP5 Jet Fuel in five cargo tanks.


Modular Barge Metal TradesU.S. Navy INLS

Metal Trades, Inc. (Hollywood, SC) has been building barges for two generations of the U.S. Navy’s Lighterage System since 1996.  Under a multi-year sub-contract to Marinette Marine Corporation, MTI was tasked with building 64 barges for the U.S. Navy’s newest “Improved Navy Lighterage System” (INLS).  MTI built the 80’ x 24’ modules of various configurations to provide floating piers for loading and offloading vessels without the benefit of fixed port facilities.