U.S. Navy (14,000 BBL Fuel Barges)

Metal Trades has built and delivered YON 330 and YON 331,  two new 14,000 BBL Double Hull Fuel Barges for the U.S. Navy.  The 200’ x 52’ barges were designed by Bristol Harbor Group of Bristol, Rhode Island, to carry either Diesel or JP5 Jet Fuel in five cargo tanks.

YON 331 Navy Fuel Barge Double Hull Metal Trades

U.S. Navy YON 331 Fuel Barge Ready for Launch


The prime contractor for the two barges was Maybank Industries, based in Charleston, South Carolina.  The barges have several robust design features which include:


US Navy YON 331 Fuel Barge Pierside


This was the first barge design/build contract for Metal Trades.  According to Randy Brown, Metal Trades staff Naval Architect and VP of Business Development, “We are very pleased with the positive feedback received from our customer regarding the stout construction, house layout, operational features, electrical system, and overall performance. Although we’ve built many barges over the last five years, this is the first barge that we were contracted to design and build. Bristol Harbor Group designed a fine barge for us and a talented team of craftsman at Metal Trades built it right.”